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Top 5 Questions for Goldendoodle Puppy Breeders

Over the years we’ve taken note of the top questions prospective families ask about Goldendoodles. In case you are in the market, we hope the answers to these 5 serve as a great resource for you!

1) How much is a goldendoodle puppy?

Believe it or not, cost is the #1 question asked. Doodles of NC’s standard fee for 8-week old puppies is $2,300. Now there is a LOT wrapped in to that amount, including a 1-year health guarantee, so we encourage you to take a look at our pricing page to learn more.

2) What size will a goldendoodle be?

We offer two distinct types of goldendoodles: F1-B Mini and F1-B Medium. Within these two categories a range of sizes exist. Typically males run a bit larger than females - even in the same litter.

Our F1-B Minis goldendoodles come from a miniature poodle dad and a F1 medium goldendoodle mama. Their puppies are expected to stay between 15 - 20 pounds; perfect lap dog size and compatible to most any living arrangement, including major cities.

Our F1-B Medium goldendoodles come from a miniature poodle dad and a F1 standard goldendoodle mama. Larger than the minis, these puppies are expected to have a full adult weight of 30 - 45 pounds. Might not seem like the perfect lap dog size in your mind, but their temperament certainly causes them to climb on up and snuggle when allowed. The goldendoodle’s low-shedding, hypoallergenic fur also makes snuggling that much more inviting!

3) What is the personality of a goldendoodle?

Such a great question! This one starts getting into the heart of why we breed this amazing breed. Being a hybrid, the goldendoodles pick up on the best traits of both breeds: the intelligence and trainability of the poodle and the loveable personality of the golden retriever.

Are they good with children and other pets?

I know, I know. We are sneaking in an extra question in here. But, the answer is - yes - and totally fits in with their personality. Goldendoodles are wonderful family pets, especially when introduced to children from an early age.

At Doodles of NC, we expose the puppies to children of varying ages during the first 8-weeks. Our two young daughters love toddling around with the puppies, but we also encourage children of various ages being introduced towards the end of their time with us.

And, the same can be said of other animals. Proper introduction in a controlled environment (ex. Leashes, open space) goes extremely well with goldendoodles. Their friendly, loving spirit transfers right over to your other fur children.

For more on the disposition of this non-aggressive, social, and athletic breed check out our blog article: What is the disposition of a Goldendoodle?

4) How are your puppies raised?

If there is a question we enjoy answering more than #3, it’s this one. All different types of breeding styles and preferences exist. Our philosophy stands firm that all of our breeding dogs live in either our home, or our guardian family homes, as a key member of the family.

Our puppy nursery is part of our home and allows 24/7 care. We bring all of our expecting mamas into our home to closely monitor their deliveries, as well as their care of the puppies. We recently documented the major milestones the puppies go through during the first 8-weeks of life on this page. So, we welcome you to check it out and see the precious puppies grow!

Most importantly, the round the clock care provides ample opportunities for us to photograph and the puppies’ growth to share with their forever families. Many a night is spent simply puppy gazing in our home, much like that of a newborn baby! Who needs a TV anyways?!

5) How quickly can we get a goldendoodle puppy?

I guess it make sense that this would be the last of our top questions; after hearing the answers to the top 4, everyone wants their puppy ASAP!

Being an in-home breeder that highly vets guardian family homes, our availability is slightly limited. We anticipate placing 35+ puppies with new families this year alone. However, we are blessed to be adding new mamas for 2018 litters (meet them here) to help increase supply to fill requests more quickly!

We are already filling our Spring 2018 master puppy waiting list. This gives you the opportunity to first right of refusal when your name comes to the top of the list! So, if your heart’s set on a certain size, gender, color, etc. once you make it to the top, you retain your spot until your perfect pup is waiting.

To reserve your puppy, start by filling out our application today.

Have another question for our list? Please ask in the comments below.

Or, better yet - reach out! We’d love to chat more about whether a Doodles of NC goldendoodle puppy will be a great addition to your family.


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