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My Goldendoodle Story

My introduction to Goldendoodles came in 2014 when my roommate moved in with “Tiller Jones.”  Tiller was a son of Doodles of NC’s “Mother Hen,” Bella.  I fell in love with his temperament, human-like qualities, and couldn’t ignore the cleanliness of our house with the breed's shed-free, hypoallergenic coat.  Because I knew there would come a time when we would have to part ways, I started looking into owning my own.  

I wanted one of Tiller’s siblings, so where to purchase my Goldendoodle was an easy choice! I was excited to work with Doodles of NC, because I knew they would send me personalized weekly updates and that they love their puppies as their own. So, I got on the list!  

When puppy selection day came, there were three boys that I could pick from.  I put all three of them on my chest and when I went to get up they all started to walk away, but then Buster turned with those beady little eyes and came toddling back.  I knew he was the one for me!

Fast forward a couple of years and my “family” grew to include Nala and my breeding journey was off and running!

Doodles of SC isn't your average puppy breeder. All of our dogs are lovingly raised in the home environment. We offer mini F1b and medium multi-generational goldendoodles (25 - 45 lbs). 

My wish for each of my families is that this puppy will bring you as much joy and love as my dogs have brought me.  I believe that your heart will grow and your life will be forever changed for the better. 

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