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In 2014, my Goldendoodle journey began when my roommate brought home "Tiller Jones," a delightful pup from Doodles of NC. Tiller's charming personality, human-like qualities, and the breed's shed-free, hypoallergenic coat immediately won me over. Knowing we would eventually part ways, I started researching the idea of getting my own Goldendoodle.

On puppy selection day, three energetic boys vied for my attention. When I placed them on my chest, they began to wander, but Buster, with his endearing beady eyes, turned back to me, and our connection was undeniable. He became my chosen companion. Fast forward over five years, I've dedicated myself to breeding loving, intelligent, and well-tempered doodles, offering both mini and medium-sized Goldendoodles. My greatest wish is that your new puppy brings as much joy and love to your life as mine have brought to mine, forever changing your heart and enriching your life.

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Over the past few years, I have found immense joy in every moment and interaction shared with our puppy families. At Doodles of SC, we take great pride in providing a nurturing, small family, in-home environment that ensures each puppy receives the love and attention it truly deserves before joining its forever family. However, as our endeavors continue to grow, it's become evident that we need to expand our operations to meet the increasing demand from our valued customers.


That's why I am thrilled to introduce Don Jones as a new partner in our journey. Don brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise, boasting over 25 years of experience in breeding and training bird dogs. What makes Don's involvement even more special is his personal connection to goldendoodles. It all began when his daughter, Dara, welcomed Tiller into their lives, and from that moment, Don's passion for these wonderful dogs blossomed. Don is not only an integral part of our team, but he's also the proud father of Tatum, one of Doodles of SC's dark red guardian mommas. 

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