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Goldendoodle Stud Services

The Doodles of SC resident stud, Buster, is a 30lb F1B medium apricot Goldendoodle.


Name: Buster

Size: 30lb Medium F1B

Color: Apricot Goldendoodle

Stud fee: First pick of litter or $2,300

Getting to know Buster

The day I met Buster, I knew he was a lover.  Everyone says that he is the best dog, and I’d have to agree. Leading up to getting Buster people always warned me about how challenging and destructive puppies can be. Buster, however, was a dream from day one.


Buster is the most loyal dog I’ve ever met, with a really sweet demeanor. He loves going to the beach and car rides with the wind in his hair.  He lives with Nala and loves her dearly, but refuses to give up his shotgun seat to her for anything! Buster is currently acing classes on his quest to become a certified therapy dog.  






doodles of sc stud for hire tongue out.J
Request Info on Stud Services

Thank you for reaching out about Doodles of SC's stud services. I look forward to connecting with you within the next business day.

* Doodles of SC only works with safe, loving, and ethical breeders. Breeders interested in learning more about the stud service are encouraged to

request more information via the form to the left or call Brynn at (919)332-2467.

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