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Goldendoodle puppy flys home
Goldendoodle puppy in airport TSA line
Goldendoodle puppy waits outside airport for new mom
Goldendoodle Puppy Travel Companion
Goldendoodle puppy looking out window

Travel Puppy Companions

Domestic Shipping Available to U.S. Destinations


Doodles of SC offers a Travel Puppy Companion service to hand-deliver all of our Goldendoodle puppies for sale to their forever families.  The most comforting part of the Air Delivery option is that the puppy never leaves the site of their Personal Puppy Attendant – from my house to our client’s arms.


For clients living further than a car ride away, puppies are flown in first-class style to their final destination.

Never Crate Shipped

What makes the individualized puppy handling different from many other breeders, is that the puppies are not confined to crates.  They enjoy a first-class experience when it comes to puppy flying.  The puppies help relieve stress in the TSA lines, enjoy gazing out the windows of the plane, lounge on their Travel Puppy Companion’s lap during flight, and arrive at their destination as refreshed from their nap as if they were snuggled in at home.


Never Medicated
Most breeders must medicate puppies before flying.  The stress of being shipped in crates overwhelms them.  And, the medication typically does not wear off for several hours causing the puppies to be drowsy upon arrival.


Doodles of SC puppies are never medicated.  Since the Travel Puppy Companions create a stress-free experience catered to the puppy’s needs, medication is not needed.

Travel Puppy Companions

I am blessed to have friends and family members who are absolute dog lovers through and through!  Once the shipping need is announced, our Travel Puppy Companions jump all over the opportunity to be the designated puppy chauffeur! Our mutual goal is to make sure that pups receive VIP treatment on every step of their journey home. 

What is Doodles of SC driving radius? 


Clients come from around the country.  However, being a breeder based out of Charleston, SC makes Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, and Florida a reasonable car drive away for new puppy owners. 

If you have any questions about the Air Delivery policies, pricing, or guarantees please contact me today.  


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