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What is the disposition of a Goldendoodle?

When you choose a Goldendoodle, you are getting the best of both worlds: the intelligence and trainability of the Poodle and the loveable personalities of the Golden Retriever. They make wonderful family pets and their hypoallergenic fur make them a top breed of choice among allergy sufferers.

Now before jumping into the specifics of the breed, we must mention that we are describing the innate behaviors of Goldendoodles as a whole. Just as with humans, environmental factors, learned behaviors, and character traits that get passed from parents can affect their offspring. So, when possible, inquire about the disposition of the puppy’s parents. If you are aware of any potential character flaws upfront you can catch them early and adjust training accordingly.

Speaking of training, Goldendoodles are eager, willing learners that crave a role to play. Paired with being on a mission to please, Goldendoodles are quite athletic. We’ve seen our puppies excel at a variety of athletic activities:

  • - ultimate frisbee

  • - agility

  • - flyball

  • - hide-and-seek

  • - water sports

And, if your family travels, your Goldendoodle will be happiest joining in on the adventures! Our clients send us pictures with their Doodles on the beach, in the boat, out at dinner, at the park...really just living life alongside their owners.

Now, with all this intelligence and athletic ability, the breed is prone to struggle with idleness. If not given a job, they will search out one to complete. So, during the puppy years, if you don’t want your shoes reorganized or the counters cleaned, make sure your Goldendoodle receives plenty of direction and interaction.

The non-aggressive temperament of Goldendoodles makes them mesh well with other pets. Finding a Goldendoodle sharing its bed with the family cat is no surprise. They enjoy the companionship and responsibility that comes with another “fur” dependent in the house.

Some other highly athletic breeds are also highly energetic. This is where Goldendoodles truly rise above the rest. With the breed spanning from 5 – 60+ lbs (depending on the size of the parents) they may not all be considered lapdogs. However, they will beg to differ. If allowed, your Goldendoodle will curl up with you on the couch and snooze the night away.

Over the past few years, we’ve stayed dedicated to in-home puppy breeding. So, we trust the F1-B Goldendoodles around our two young daughters. We truly love the breed and can attest to their remarkable disposition first-hand.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments section below or on FB if you have any follow up questions! We’d love to chat more!

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