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Puppy Announcement | New Goldendoodle Puppies Arriving Early Fall

We are beyond excited to share that Nala, our small standard, dark red, F1B Goldendoodle mom is expecting! Our home should be a buzz of excitement in late August as we welcome Nala and Buster’s first litter into the world.

Nala is still prancing her runway model legs around these days, but we anticipate her gate slowing down around the end of August. Buster, our 30 lb medium apricot, F1B Goldendoodle seems to be sensing the puppies growing and watches out for Nala now more than ever before! We will have another ultrasound to estimate the number of puppies on August 13th.

Why do you ultrasound your expecting puppy moms?

We take our puppy birthing role very seriously at Doodles of SC. Regardless of what time of day delivery starts, we keep 24 hour watch over our moms to assist with delivery.

With this role comes what we call “necessary precautions” to be able to detect any distress during labor. In nearly all cases, puppy moms are extremely low key and quiet during delivery. They stop eating several hours in advance, increase their panting, and start nestling into their birthing spot. During contractions, the moms move around when they feel the urge and slow down when needed. It always amazes us how they remain calm and natural the entire time.

Puppies, however, are difficult to read from within the birthing canal. One metric that we chart is the duration of time elapsed between puppies being delivered. Should a mother not birth a puppy for 60 minutes, we pack up mom and babies immediately and head towards the vet. Knowing the anticipated number of puppies from an ultrasound, taken late in pregnancy, is our best way to prepare for this metric of birthing.

As we gain more insight into Nala’s first litter, delivery style, and role as a mother, we will be sure to share with you all here! Nala, in Swalhili, means “beloved gift” and we are very excited to share our Nala’s beloved gifts with their forever families in the coming months!

In the meantime, what other questions do you have about breeding or puppy delivery? Send us a comment below or fill out our contact us form today.


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