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10 Reasons You Should Own A Goldendoodle

1. Hypoallergenic but still soft, cuddly fur makes them a probable match for any allergy sufferers.

2. Pick your size: large, medium, or tiny! Based on the size of the poodle parent, Goldendoodles can range from 5 – 60 lbs – perfect for large plantations down to inner-city apartments.

3. From running partner to snuggle bug, Goldendoodles channel their energy when needed.

4. Smart & trainable. Goldendoodles re-write the old saying to, “You can teach old doddles new tricks.”

5. Hybrid of two top breeds – Golden Retriever & Poodle making them twice as adorable. Research shows hybrids are far less likely to exhibit disorders common to their parental breeds. So, genetic health is substantially better.

6. Perfect family pet. From babies to teens, Goldendoodles make trusted companions for children of all ages.

7. Mesh well with other animals – even cats!

8. Highly intelligent making them great therapy dogs. With a dog this adorable, you’ll want to spread the smiles as often as possible.

9. Goldendoodles come in all types of colors - so take your pick!

10. Little to no shedding means less vacuuming needed!

Considering a Goldendoodle for your next pet? We would love to help you figure out if a Goldendoodle matches your lifestyle.

Fill out our puppy application to get the conversation started!

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