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10 Reasons to buy Goldendoodles from a certified breeder

We know purchasing a puppy from a breeder is not feasible, or preferred, by everyone. But for those of you who are looking to buy a Goldendoodle puppy, we hope this list gives you 10 reasons to take into consideration while weighing your options. 1) Know your puppy from Day 1

Enjoy watching pictures as your puppy develops. From learning to waddle to bounding around the puppy nursery, your puppy’s development will be captured along the way. At Doodles of NC we keep our puppy families connected through scheduled visits, a steady stream of pictures & personalized video logs. How could we keep all this cuteness to ourselves?!

2) References, references, references!

One thing all new puppy owners love to do is talk about their newest addition. With that comes a plethora of people ready to share their experience with you. Sometimes they are even close enough to meet in person!

3) See pics of other puppies

Much like children, puppies from one mom to the next favor one another – coloring, coat texture, size, special markings, etc. Instagram is flooded with hashtags devoted to pup pics like #doodlesofinstagram. Check out pictures of our previous litters on Instagram and gain a preview of your anticipated puppy.

4) Health guarantees of the puppies

Most, if not all, Certified Puppy Breeders offer health guarantees, which relieves buyers of responsibility should any untreatable health conditions arise. At Doodles of NC, we are confident that our puppies will be healthy and happy when we send them home, so all of our puppies come with a 1-year Healthy Puppy Guarantee.

5) Timing of the pickup so you can prepare

If your family is like ours, there are busy seasons and times of rest. Selecting a puppy from a breeder allows you flexibility in coordinating the new puppy’s arrival with the best season in your lives, while giving ample time to prepare the welcoming party for their transition home. Training puppies takes a bit more time and energy in the first few months, but the time spent reaps benefits in the end!

6) Pick of the litter / know your order

Once on a waiting list, you will know your place in the “first come, first serve” process. Although being top on the list seems like the perfect place to be, it certainly makes for a difficult decision!! We anticipate having puppies each season this year, so reserve your spot on one of our waiting lists today!

7) Purchase another similar dog

After bonding with your precious pup you’ll start thinking of #2. Whether this is right away or years down the road, purchasing from a breeder allows the opportunity to purchase a similar dog – perhaps even a sibling!

8) Vet records

Meticulous records of veterinary care are the standard for Certified Puppy Breeders. If you live close by, you can keep the same vet for the life of your pet. Some breeders, like Doodles of NC, have genetic testing records on the puppy parents that can be shared with clients as well.

9) Shipping Available

Many certified breeders offer a shipping option for puppies. Be sure to do your due diligence on all shipping policies! The most comforting part of our stress-free, Air Delivery option is that the puppy never leaves the site of their Personal Puppy Attendant – from our house to our client’s arms.

10) Meet the pup’s parents.

Disposition, coloring, size, health – many traits and mannerisms get passed down from parents. When possible, we encourage our clients to meet their puppy’s parents. All of our puppy parents are outstanding canine citizens, so we never shy away from these introductions! Purchasing from a shelter or pet store does not give you this option. Keeping this list to 10 was a bit of a challenge, but we tried to keep our biased opinions out of the mix! Think we left a few off the list? Add them in the comments below!

Or, contact us today with any additional questions about purchasing Goldendoodles from a certified breeder.

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