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South Carolina Goldendoodle Breeder

Welcome to Doodles of SC, a top Goldendoodle breeder in South Carolina offering Goldendoodle puppies for sale. I am located in Charleston, SC, less than two hours away from Hilton Head, Columbia and Savannah, GA.

Why do I exclusively offer Goldendoodle puppies?

I love breeding Goldendoodles because the breed incorporates the best of both worlds: the intelligence & trainability of the Poodles and the lovable personalities of Golden Retrievers. Their loyalty, affection and non-aggressive temperament make them great family dogs - especially families with children.  With my dedication to raise the puppies in my personal home, the multi-gen goldendoodles are the perfect breed to trust around other pets and small children.

Why are Goldendoodles So Popular?

Our beautiful, well-tempered multi-generational Goldendoodles get their breed name from their lineage.  Both parents are F1B goldendoodles, meaning that our breeding parents are 1/4 Golden Retriever and 3/4 Poodle. Multi-gen Goldendoodles have become very popular and is known for its friendly, loving nature paired with its hypoallergenic fur. The resulting dog has the wonderful disposition of a Golden Retriever with the almost non-existent shedding of the Poodle. 

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